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Netbackup Policy Frequency

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Uisng NBU 8.2 Redhat Linux 

Quick question regarding a Netbackup policy schedule Frequency option.   

If we have a NDMP policy that runs a FULL level job with a Frequency of 4 weeks.   If the current initial job is still running and the 4 week period is past does Netbackup try and restart a new job.   OR does Netbackup see that the current job is still running and will not attempt another job until the inital job is completed.  Im just wondering if the job will starting backing everything up again and continue to run..






If 4 weeks have passed and if the current backup job completes within the backup window time frame, NetBackup will most probably kick off a new job as the frequency interval is complete.

If the current backup job completes after the backup window, NetBackup will attempt to start the backup in the next backup window. Please check how your backup window is set along with the frequency. 

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Hi @bc1410 

Netbackup will not start a new full unless the previous has been done.

When scheduling a new backup job, higher backup retention level has a higher weight than lower. Meaning if both a incremental and full is due, a full will be selected.

Word of warning:  A  full back running for full 4 weeks sound wrong to me.  You are not getting your incrementals done daily , is that a issues for the business ?

ok good to know that it wont start up unless previous is completed..  I didnt think so but wanted confirmation

The policy is a NDMP policy that is backing up a file share that is roughly over 50 TB in size.   We have a busy environment so its only using one tape drive currently.  We need to see about maybe making some adjustments to the policy.