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We are on NB

We have a physical server that is a NB media server & is the i500 tape library controller/manager.

This physical server is running an unsupported windows OS version and needs to be replaced.

We have built a new physical server to replace it and that new server is in and working as a NB media server.

is there any documentation about replacing one physical NB media server with another one that has to

be the tape robot controller. 


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@Marianne - I think its just a media server he is swapping out, not a master, so that should be much easier.

@elson_cj - please confirm

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Oops! Apologies for misreading the opening post! This will be a job for nbdecommission then.... See the links to documentation in this recent discussion:

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Hi all,

Just to confirm on @elson_cj behalf, it's a media server that is being swapped out.

Thanks for your posts so far on this.

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nbdecommission is the recommended way.

The documentation and post that I have referenced above explains that the robot should be physically connected to the new server (zoned or directly connected) and reconfigured in NBU. 
When the media server can see the robot at OS-level, run the device config wizard and only select the robot control host and complete device config.
Run device config wizard again and select the rest of the media servers to correctly configure/update the robot control host.


I will delete my original reply to this post as I have totally misunderstood the requirement....

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Hi Marianne,

Many thanks for your input so far.

I get an error trying to assign a NB media server to a UNC path to a CIFS share on DD670.


Master Server = NetBackup   Windows 2008 R2 SP1

Media servers = NetBackup   Windows 2008 R2 SP1


I have read articles on the web regarding the NB services that need domain credentials & these were already applied.


The only media server that can access the storage units successfully, is due for decommission next week (that server is also the robotic control server).


Hoping you can help.