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Netbackup RMAN got error ORA-12850 for 1 instance

Level 4

we have recently been using RMAN with Netbackup to take Oracle instances for backup. For a particular instance, we have this error when we take an incremental backup. When we take a full backup of this instance, everything is OK. When the DBA takes an incremental backup on its side without going through Netbackup, it works. Have you ever encountered this problem?

Master Server: AIX 7.2 with NB 8.1.1

Media Server: Linux RD 7.5 with NB 8.1.1

Client: AIX 7.2 with NB client 8.1.1

From client logs /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/bpdbsbora



10:22:15.466 [12059642.1] <16> CFECallback::reportStatus: ERR - Unable to connect to AS11. Error Code = 12,850: ORA-12850: Could not allocate slaves on all specified instances: 2 needed, 1 allocated

10:22:15.478 [12059642.1] <16> check_db_for_asm: NBBrowseEngine call failed. Status: 114

10:22:15.478 [12059642.1] <16> main bpdbsbora: Error while checking database for asm



Thanks for your help


Level 4
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Ask to DBA to make a test witn rman, copying to a local disk.

See the link below to find how to Diagnose this error from Oracle.