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Netbackup / SEP issues firewall blocking

Level 6

Hi Guys,


I am having a nightmare with SEP and our backups as the SEP firewall installed on the servers seems to be blocking or stopping netbackup connections during a backup. The backups generally start fine and then hang halfway through on some clients but sometime they dont hang?!?

When one of the jobs does hang, if i stop the SMC SEP service on the client the job resumes!

On the netbackup media server (2008 64x) there is no firewall installed just AV.

On the client (could be any windows server os type) the firewall is on but the policy is withdrawn and there are IPS exclusions for the backup servers. so effectivly the firewall is open and has no rules to block anything

Thr really strange thing is that if we use our 2003 64x media server we dont get an issue and it is the same NBU version and same SEP version.

IPV6 is disabled on the 2008 media server.

Has anyone else seen any issues with this? SEP an netbackup versions are in my signature.


Thanks in advance for your help!