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Netbackup SLP issue


2 netbackup 8.3 master servers , OS win2016, DC1 [2 NBU appliances], DC2 [2 NBU appliances]. backups were replicating from DC1 to DC2. Due to power issue NBU appliances in DC2 went down permanently[we had no support][it was corporate acquisiton]. Now netbackup master1 still trying to replicate images to netbackup master2. SLP magic.

34 TB of images still exist on DC1 NBU appliances. I got permission from business to expire those images but I cannot . they are SLP replication stuff.

how to expire\delete those images - SLP still trying to replicate them since 2nd march 2023

kindly share command with example 


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Hi @rookie11 

There are a number of options depending on how you wish to proceed. 

First is to use the nbstlutil command to cancel the SLP operation - this can take a backupid or SLP name, for instance "nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle <SLP>". This will leave the images still on DC1 to expire as per their retention. 

The second is to use the "-force_not_complete" option to bpexpdate - "bpexpdate -d 0 -backupid <BID> -force_not_complete". This will remove the images from DC1.


David is correct. nbstlutil cancel -life_cycle will help you. You can use  the report switch to see what is still waiting to replicate:


/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbstlutil report

Then use the slp names to cancel the relevant slps:

/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle <slp Name>

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DC1 has begun copying DC2's backups. The NBU equipment in DC2 failed permanently because of the power outage. To begin, you may use the command "nbstlutil cancel -lifecycle SLP>," where SLP> is either the name of an SLP or a backupid. The photos on DC1 will now be deleted when the retention period has ended.