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Netbackup Scheduler and Job Dependencies

We currently use a 3rd party scheduling system to handle all backups job scheduling and dependencies.  We have been told that the scheduling system will be going away and we will need to move all schedules to the Netbackup scheduler. My question is...can anyone tell me what is the best way to handle dependencies using the NB scheduler?  Is there something built in to the scheduler or do we need to use scripts?  Most of our environemt is running 6.5.5 or 6.5.6.
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Keep your 3rd party

Keep your 3rd party scheduler.  I wish we had one.  The Netbackup scheduler will get you nothing, it is in my opinion a piece of crap.  The only thing  Netbackup scheduler can do is kick jobs off at whatever time the window opens.  I used Appworx at one point at another company and it was great.  Moved to this company I'm at now and we use the Netbackup scheduler and like I said the only thing it can do is kick off jobs when the window opens no dependency checking at all.  Watch out for calendar base scheduling as well becuase they seem to break that we every new release or maintanance pack.  If the windows spans midnight it could run the back twice.  They fixed it then broke it then fixed it then broke it again.  So just save yourself some heartache and use frequency based scheduling.


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