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Netbackup Sendmail on RHEL 7.3

Hi Veritas,

Server info:

NBU Veriosn and OS:  Master 773, RHEL 7.3

Problem description:

Please let know whether Netbackup can use sendmail option in Linux 7.3 . I tries to find sendmail package in Linux portal but could not found. Alos somewhere in Linux blog mentioned sendmail is deprecated.

using mail and mailx command i can send email  form Netbackup master on OS level to my inbox. But similarliy it is not working from NBU, where i mentioned my to email address under global option.  Is there any file in netbackup on Linux where i can point SMTP server like in windows nbmail.cmd . your help really appreciated.





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Re: Netbackup Sendmail on RHEL 7.3


Have you already had opportunity to check this TN



Thiago Ribeiro

Re: Netbackup Sendmail on RHEL 7.3

Hello Manumohan,

Were emails working before you upgraded to 7.7.3? Are only some emails not working now? Such as vault reports, or is all email not working from NBU?

Re: Netbackup Sendmail on RHEL 7.3

Hi Tiago,

I used the first once I. Global Attributes -- Email only non-zero backup statuses for all clients" . only to receive failure.

so far no luck.

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Re: Netbackup Sendmail on RHEL 7.3

Hi Krutons1,

This is a new setup. Sorry we are not using RHEL 7.3. It is 7.0 . I am looking for only the failures and catalog file nothing else need to emailed.

RHEL 7 have option to use sendmail but do not have RPM for installation. i dont have sendmail installed on server curretly, does netbackup can email?

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Re: Netbackup Sendmail on RHEL 7.3

You mentionned in your previous post that you cannot found sendmail from Linux portal right? Did you try to dowload from this site ??

Additional UNIX configuration to receive emails
NetBackup uses the mail transfer agent sendmail to send email notifications. Install sendmail from the following website and configure the environment accordingly:

Notification methods
To set up email notifications about backups, choose one or both of the following notification methods:

■ Send emails about failed backups only.

Send a message to the email address(es) of the NetBackup administrator(s) about any backup that ends in a non-zero status. o do so, configure the Administrator email address in the Global Attributes properties. Since email is sent from the master server or the media server, the nbmail.cmd script or sendmail must be configured on the master and the media servers.See “Sending messages to the global administrator about unsuccessful backups only” on page 163.

■ Send emails about successful and failed backups.

Send a message to the local administrator(s) of each client about successful and unsuccessful backups.
To do so, configure either the Client sends mail property or the Server sends mail property in the Universal Settings properties for the client. Email is sent from the client (Client sends mail) or the master or the media server (Server sends mail). Therefore, nbmail.cmd or sendmail must be configured on the master and the media servers, or the client if specified.


Thiago Ribeiro