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Netbackup Tapes Recovery after Decommission

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Hello Everyone,

We have decommissioned one of the DC and all the backups have taken full and final with the catalog as well. Now customer want again the data to be restored whenever they require.

So here my question is can we restore the data using same tape library or can we use different model.

Do we need to have all the Netapp, EMC Celerra Data movers in place to restore the data?

Apart from that is there any other things that need to be considered while performing the restores. Let me know if you have any plans or procedure to perform the restores.





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You can use any library that contains tape drives that are compatible with the media. 
So, if the tapes from old environment are LTO4's you can do restores using LTO4, LTO5 or LTO6 tape drives. 

When you put these tapes in another library, PLEASE write-protect them. 
After the inventory, move them to a new pool that will never be used for backups (e.g. RESTORE). 

You will need to perform phase I and II imports on the master where you want to restore. 

For NDMP restores, you can only restore to the same manufacturer's filer.
This is a limitation from the different manufacturers, not NetBackup.