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Netbackup Unix: Source Client for restores is empty for one of our Users that has Admin=all JBP=aLL

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I've run into an odd issue.   NetBackup 7.1

We manage a Unix NetBackup Master Server and access the Java console for doing restores.  The issue is that about half of our Administrators have a full listing for the clients when pulling the drop down from Source Client for Restores.  We can access the information and create successful restores.

The other half of our team have a mixed bag of how many of the Clients they can see.  I have two people who can only see the Master Server in this dropdown.

All of us have the same rights set up in the auth.conf file. Admin=all JBP=all.


Any pointers on this would be greatly appreciated.




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we have seen this when users either log into the console with the IP rather than the name or cannot resolve the name of the master.  do you have the java console log from an affected user?