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Currently I have a new project to backup VMware with Netbackup. The issue is they have internal and external datastore. The internal datastore is for C: drives and external datastore is for D: drives etc.

Is it possible for netbackup to backup with mixed data method transport? So the internal will use LAN, and external will use SAN.

Windows 2012 R2
Netbackup 8.0

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Re: Netbackup VMWARE backup

VDDK will attempt to determine which transport method works for the VM in question and then use that transport method to perform the backup.  In your case based on the selection you put in the policy NBD will more than likely get chosen.

The only way I can see you pulling off what you are asking for is to create two separate policy.  One for OS/C drive (Exclude Data Disk), and one for Data Drive (Exclude Boot Disk).  The exclude options are configurable in the policy advanced options.  In the respective policies you select the transport type you would prefer to use.

Re: Netbackup VMWARE backup

Hi eduncan,

Nice solution, i will try propose those to costumer.