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Netbackup VMWare Sharepoint Backup/Restore


I have set up a VMWare policy to backup a simple sharepoint farm.  (1 front end server, 1 sql back end server).

I am running 7.7.1 and have configured i believe to what the docs show.

According to the docs

Through a VMware backup policy, NetBackup can create consistent full backups
of a SharePoint Server that resides on a virtual machine. From one VMware backup
the following restore options are available: restore of the .vmdk (disk level), SFR
restore (file-level recovery), SharePoint database restore, or SharePoint
granular-level restore (GRT).


I have run the backup job and it completes without error.  However, when i go to look at what i can restore i can only restore the vmdk or SFR (file restore).  There is nothing displayed for the Sharepoint (GRT) when selecting MS-Sharepoint as the Policy Type.  (Note that Netbackup docs say this should work despite that you have backed up using a VMWare Plociy Type).

I came across the following post and thought this might be it

I checked my job, i have 2 Application State Capture jobs that run.

The first says SharePoint: Host successfully protected SharePoint and catalogued under the

The second job says SharePoint: Host successfully protected SharePoint and catalogued under

I did not put in the Sharepoint site name into the policy anywhere, just the server names.  However it obviously works this out and catalogues it under the website name.  I have to put in the or the to get the vmdk or file level restores but nothing comes up from MS-Sharepoint desptite the fact the job says it has successfully protected Sharepoint.

Any ideas?

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Re: Netbackup VMWare Sharepoint Backup/Restore


all Sharepoint farm objects should be catalogued under the same name. I have reviewed one my installation and objects from 3 servers (DB,APL,WEB) are catalogued under "WEB" name. I did not also specify this anywhere - probably bpresolver process finds out itself.

I guess once you correct this, then Sharepoint objects will be displayed. However I dont know the reason for inconsistent cataloguing.. Maybe some Sharepoint misconfig. Traditional Sharepoint backups are working?


Re: Netbackup VMWare Sharepoint Backup/Restore

Hi Michal,

What do you have under Host-Properties->Master Servers->Distributed Application Restore Mapping for your sharepoint servers?


I have

Front End Server Physical Name -> Database server Physical Name

(I had added in another entry of website-name - > database server physical name but have just removed for more testing)


What do you have in your policy for Clients?

I have put in my front end server and database server physical names as part of a query.

When the results are tested it shows the database physical name and the website name rather than the front end physical name.




Re: Netbackup VMWare Sharepoint Backup/Restore


Host Properties\DARM entries are:

spwebd - spapld

spwebd - spdbd

Client Selection in Policy is:

DisplayName = "SPWEBD" OR DisplayName = "SPDBD" OR DisplayName = "SPAPLD"

and Policy Primary VM Identifier is = DisplayName

Not working with VM hostnames - however they are identical with VM DisplayNames.