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Netbackup VMware query to search specific IP address on guest VM

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Hello colleagues.

We are using NBU 9.1 on RHEL 7 and we are backing up a vSphere environment with several host and VMs without problems. We need to add a VM backup when there are a cluster configured in the guest operating system, we need to backup only the active VM for this cluster. Is it possible to build a query in order to backup the active VM in guest? , for instance: check a specific IP address configured in the guest operating system.

Thanks and best regards



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when it is a type of cluster where a disk is shared between more VMs, you wont be able to backup these VMs by VMware policy - snapshots are not supported on these VMs. You will have to install client SW and engage filesystem based backups.

With this you can also back up data on active node more simply, just by giving a virtual name in the policy.




Hello Michal,


Thanks for your response, I apologyze for the delay in my answer.

Actually, we need to backup the vCenter server as VM, but in the vSphere infrastructure, the vCenter server is configured as High Availabililty, this is the "Cluster" that I mentioned in my previous message. No disks are shared between this VMs, only the vCenter services are active, we need to backup the active VM.

Thanks again and best regards.