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Netbackup VTL Tapes migration to other VTL Tapes

Level 5

i have a master server with VTL LTO4 (DataDomain 860) configured and tapes in each pool. Now i must dismiss thi library and configure a new VTL LTO5 (DataDomain7200).
I configured the new library and switched all backup policies on this, but i dismiss the old vtl and i must clone the all data to new tapes.
i thought that i perform clone tapes like this:

- List all old tapes by pool
- Perform a query by bpimmedia for each tape (media id)

cat list_tape |while read a
bpimmedia -l -mediaid $a |grep IMAGE |awk '{print $4}' >> /tmp/list_image_id

- Perform a bpduplicate command with the image_id present on that tapes (list_image_id), for example all tapes by pool Oracle

bpduplicate -dstunit DD7200 -Bidfile /tmp/list_image_id -mpx -L /tmp/Duplication.log -dp Oracle -primary -fail_on_error 0

As for your experience, this operation is it correct?

I see some difference by "image vaild" on GUI and number of images on bpimmedia output.

GUI: 3 images valid for Tape xxx
CLI: 2images on Tape xxx

Other question: bpduplicate with options like this, duplicate the image and its fragment spanned on tapes?

Thanks in advance,
Best Regards


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The different counts between GUI and CLI are because some images span media.  So using your process you might end up listing some images twice.  I think you need an extra step between the list and the duplicate, to sort unique the file /tmp/list_image_id.

Remember that bpduplicate will attempt to read the primary copy, so we assume that the images that you want to copy are single copy only, and therefore primary, on old VTL... or if the source images have multiple copies then we assume that the copy on the old VTL is the copy number that is marked as primary (for each image).

Yes bpduplicate will process whole images, and so if an image spans multiple source VTL media then bpduplicate will fetch all of those fragments from any/all required source media.


Be aware there are some "gotcha" issues using bpduplicate.

If you do not need ot worry about contention, you might be able to batch the from the GUI using the catalog view, and duplicate option - it selects images.

What is your reteniton on the source DD? Maybe you can just let them expire?

Just FYI - I would suggest you DO NOT use the default tape size on the DD, you can get into tape contention issues, I limit my VTL tape size to 200GB regardless of the LTO version.


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