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Netbackup Vault I/O slots full

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Hi all,

We are using Netbackup Linux 8.2. Currently, we are running vault twice a week. The tapes will be ejected on Monday and Thursday every week. On average, every vault job will eject 5-7 tapes. We are using IBM TS4500 Tape Library with 36 I/O slots.

With the current Covid-19 situation, our country will be enforcing strict lockdown, which will cause us to not be able to to travel to take the tape off-site. So, we require some explanation on what would happen to the vault job if the I/O slots in tape library are full? Appreciate if anyone could provide some suggestion on what to do in our current situation.


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I found your post in the General Veritas forum where it will not receive any attention.
I have moved the post to the NetBackup forum.

Hi Marianne, thanks very much for that. I'm quite new to this community. Hope I can get some help here. Smiley Wink

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Disclaimer: I have not used Vault in a number of years.

My suggestion is to read up on 'deferred' eject,
Vault option will then not eject automatically, but rather wait for someone to initiate the eject.

Please enquire about a permit to allow you access - most countries have such options.