Netbackup admin console ONLY Backup Archive and Restore

Admininstration Console only show Backup Archive and Restore

I've solved a thing that other can have use for. Regarding the (which should be use for auth.conf). 

Problem: My colleauge installed a ner Netbackup Master Server with default settings (no fancy pancy). He had full rights and all looks really nice, until I was suppose to be supriced of the ince gui with all access. There was only BAR (Backup Archive and Restore). 

Facts: We have no auth.conf and log / admin confirmed not root access.. hmm But we did have

Solved: In the i found on our windows that is was singel lined (no CR carrige return) on:


When open notepad with administrator rights and see that the had a CR and saved the file and restarte the mighty GUI: 

domain\user ADMIN=ALL JBP=ALL

Tada (sound effect). it worked!