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Netbackup and VCSA 6.5

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Hi all,

I'm collecting few cookbook to backup our new vcenter 6.5 in VCSA mode. In the Netbackup documentation, i've not see any information about it.

So, after research on the web, I've see new functionnality to protect VCSA in 6.5 : vCenter Server Appliance File-Based Backup. Obviously, the main disavantage : it's not automatic.

How you protect your vCenter appliance ? Do you backup it through classical vmware policy or the new tool ?



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@Thiago_Ribeiro- I'm looking for similar information. The two links that you provided don't mention anything about VCSA in vCenter 6.5 and restore using NetBackup. Can you provide more details if you know anything about this?

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Further research lead to, p 48 in VMware Administrators Guide for NetBackup 8.0.

To restore the virtual machine, select the vCenter server as the destination. As an alternative, you can set up an independent ESX server to be used for restores.

 Has anyone attempted this method to restore VCSA?

Hi all,

Excuse me for delay... 2 months ! Wouhaou...

So, I've read your links but I don't understand how to protect VCSA Appliance with Netbackup.

How to make a consistent backup for this virtual machine which use in the configuration to protect other VM ?