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Netbackup and Vmware ESXI compatibility

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Hi All,

We recently upgraded to VmWare Esxi 6.0 for our hosts which hosts a bunch of VM's VOIP backup. Before that we were on Esxi 5.5.  Prior to the upgrade the vm backup was running without any issues, however post upgrade we can't even add a new Virtual Machine Server that we are receiving a error message: "VMware Credential Validation Failed" "Connect Failed (-1)" even as a root user.
What I wanted to check was before going any further is that is Netbackup version 7.6.1 compatible with backing up virtual machines on host with the version of 6.0? If yes, does anyone have any clue what might be the problem?

Thanks in advance !



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The NetBackup Software Compatibility List says you need NetBackup 7.7 for VDDK 6.0. It says to see VDDK release notes for ESX versions. (I think I remember that NetBackup 7.6.1 was released before VDDK 6.0.)

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We've had so many versions since 7.6.1, 7.7.1, 7.7.2, 7.7.3, 8.0, 8.1, 8.1.1, and now 8.1.2. Please upgrade to a recent version, anything in 8.x range at least.