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Netbackup appliances are 5 years old

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Hello Experts,

we have 4 netbackup appliances(5330) configured which act as a media servers. 3 out of 4 appliances are 5 years old.

I have heard that after 5 years hardware starts giving more issues. Is this true?

Should we replace the appliance after 5 years?

Can you please comment on this


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As with most things, the older they are the more likely something is going to go wrong at some point. My main concern would be the support from Veritas. Providing you have them under support, then if anything does go wrong then you are covered anyway. The 5330 are end of support 30/08/23 ( ), so i would be aiming to replace them by then, if not sooner. It all depends on your companies appetite for risk and if they require things under support etc. 

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Hi @Dav1234 

My own rule of thump say when hardware reaches 5 years, there should be a plan for replacement of the hardware. 

But there is a few other topics to consider the statement above:

  • Capacity forecast - does the appliances still have the capacity to do the job
  • Maintenance cost - in my view any hardware in operation should be under some sort of maintenance agreement. How do the running cost look like for the next years, older hardware may increase a lot in maintenance cost.
  • Stability history: if appliances are stable they will likely continue to be stable, but yes hardware usually doesn't improve by age.
  • Space/power consumption - can the appliances today be hosted on fewer appliances. That will save both power and datacenter space.