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Netbackup - backup VMware templates using vStorage API

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I'm using NetBackup 7 integrated with VMware vStorage API.

Backup of normal VM is working OK using this method, but I have question if is it possible to backup VMware templates using vStorage API ?

I can configure backup but there is error that snapshot can't be performed (snapshot error encountered)  - what I thing is normal for template.


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Level 6

You can not take a snapshot of a VM template in VMware so you will not ba able to backup a VM template using NetBackup.

The only way to do this is to Convert the VM Template to a Virtual Machine (as if you were going to modify the template) and then back it up.

I hope this helps

Level 6

So is this a VMware API or a NetBackup limitation.? 

Either way; Symantec should be working to VMware to address this.

I bounced off the same issue today; trying to make sure my VMware environment is properly and completely backed up for DR purposes.  I don't think it's unreasonable to expect to be able to backup your templates in the same basic manner as you backup your VM's.

Level 6

Backup Exec 2010 can do this, I guess NBU is just a little late to the game?