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Netbackup catalog recovery from EMC DD (DD Boost)

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IHAC, where we have the NBU catalog protections on EMC DD Storage (DD Boost) STU. Due to catastrophic outage (ransomeware phishing attack) in an env, we need to recover the NBU infra and perform the restores to the client machines.

Here, we came accross the two situations.

What is the possible way to generate the DR file, in case doesnt have the DR file info on e-mail/NBU install path?

How to obtain the user crentials (original username and password) used during the first setup when STS (emc dd) /Disk pool configured in NBU where Catalog backups reside?


Unlike MSDP, we can retrieve the original username and password from "<msdp_path>\databases\spa\database\authentication\1" file or either from CLISH (if appliance) and apply these credentials when setting up the recovery environment. Can we have any similar procedure to retrieve original username and password from EMC DD appliance?


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In Data Domain you have the DD Boost user which is configured in Data Domain, if you don't remember the password you can just change it in Data Domain System Manager.

Then you can add the device to freshly installed NBU.

Then you use this procedure to retrieve DR files from DD

Once you have the DR file you restore the catalog, restart NBU and that's it.