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Netbackup client Debian removal

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Hello there!

So I'm upgrading NetBackup client, by removing the existing one, and install the new version.

For my RedHat systems I follow this documentation:

I guess for Debian, there are no packages that I need to remove(I don't see them on the system anyway).

So my question is, is there any additional steps that I should take on the Debian systems, or I just follow the documentation?


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You don't have to remove the client, you can upgrade them :

If a OS is no longer supported in a new version of Netbackup, leave the client version as it it - Netbackup offer backward combability some versions back.

Thanks for the quick answer!

As I can see in the documentation that you provided, there are some steps that needed to be take from the master\media server, but I don't have the privilidge over those systems.

Also I was advised to uninstall and install, thats why I am doing it so.


As @Nicolai said, just perform the upgrade without removing the client. I used VxUpdate to upgrade clients on a few hundred servers without any issue.

Removing and reinstalling is not recommended because of the following:

1. Loss of configuration on client (bp.conf, other config settings/files, encryption key if using encryption, etc.)

2. Loss of exclude list/include list files

3. Loss of security certificates which you will have to deploy manually on each client


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Hi @oropher88 

I agree with X2

You should team up with the Netbackup admin to use the automated tool for upgrading the clients.  Veritas made the tool for a reason :)

Start by asking for a non-admin access that will allow you to update the clients using update_clients script or vxupdate  - a netbackup admin don't like to provide the keys for the vault (just like a banker doesn't do).

Just my 2 cent.

Best Regards


Hi @oropher88 

If you are not seeing any VRTS* packages, then you probably have an older version of NetBackup and should be looking for packages starting with SYMC*, which probably means you have version 7.x installed (there should be a file /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/version which lists the version). 

Doesn't change what @Nicolai and @X2 have said, you should be able to upgrade without uninstalling first.