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Netbackup clustered master server on Vmware

So, I am reading that a Microsoft clustered Netbackup server can be 2 virtual machines, which is great.

1st Question:  Anyone doing this today?  How is the performance / support?  How large is your environment?  Any issues?

2nd Question:  Is D/R recovery handled any different?  Today, we need to bring up a clustered Windows server, then install NB and import the catalog.  With this new VMware master, can you just turn on a backed up VMDK? What if we move to a non clustered environment - Single master?  Can we just turn up a restored VMDK?




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Hello. 1st : I already


1st : I already installed a Master Server in a virtual machine. There were no issues with performances, but it depends of the activity of your server, and number of clients.

2nd : I am not a VMWare export but it is not easier to use VMWare HA instead of a complex cluster system ? You can use Symantec Application HA to monitor services of your master if you want.