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Netbackup complete system update

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We have an enviornment that is running on version 7.7.3 and outdated OS's. We are looking to upgrade the servers and the NBU version at once.

Our setup consists of a master server, one media server with a tape drive, several media servers at remote locations that backup all the clients at their respective location. The remote backup servers then backup to the media server with the tape drive so that the image can be written to disk. 

Master server (VM)(Solaris)

Media server with tape drive (NBU 5240) (Linux)

Media servers at remote locations(VM's) (Windows)

Clients at remote locations(Mostly VM's)(Windows)


 The plan is to build a new enviornment mirroring the old enviornment but on updated hardware / OS and NBU v 8.2. After setting up the new enviornment we want to migrate the old catalog to the new enviornment. 

Can a v.7.7.3 catalog be imported into a v.8.2 enviornment withought importing to a intermediate version first?

We have a NBU appliance 5240. Is there a solid enough advantage to keeping the appliance in the enviornment as the media server that backup the images up to tape? I know you get the web gui with the appliance and support but is it really that much of an advantage over simply building a media server with higher specs?

Thank you for your feedback. I cant find many posts about upgrading the complete enviornment on here so I though i would ask for some expert advise from some seasond NBU users.


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Catalog can never be imported to a different NBU version.  
It can only be restored/recovered to the exact same NetBackup version.

Depending on existing OS version and compatibility lists, you have 2 choices:

1. Upgrade NBU on existing master server, then prep new server with same hostname, install same NBU version on new server, then recover catalog. 
2. Install NBU 7.7.3 on new server, recover catalog, then upgrade to NBU 8.2. 

See this Article for more info: