Netbackup deosn't eject tape after job

Hi.  We have Veritas Netbackup 6.5 and we are having problems with the tapes.  Netbackup do not eject the tapes until they are full.  We need that the tapes are ejected after the job are completed for audit porpuse.  Is their a way that we can change something in the configuration so Netbackup do this?  Thanks for the help in advance


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When you are setting up the profile, you'll see 5 tabs come up.
1. Configure the Choose Backups tab to select the proper backups that you want to offsite.
2. Configure the Duplication tab to make sure you have the check box at the very top checked. It says to Skip the Duplication Step.
3. Configure the Catalog Backups tab to make sure you have the check box at the very top checked. It says to Skip the Catalog Backup Step.
4. Configure the Eject tab to include all pools that you write backup copies to. It defaults to NetBackup, but you can add other pools if needed. On this tab, you will also configure when the ejects should happen. You two choices are "immediate" or "deferred". If you choose deferred, you will have to manually go back in to kick these off. (I'm guessing since no duplication is running, you'll want them to happen immediately)
5. Configure the Reports tab to give you the information you'll need to know what happens in your environment. You also have two choices for when reports happen. They are "immediate" and "deferred" also. You will need to set this setting the same way as the ejects are configured since they work together.
The vault manual has good information on getting this configured. Information on configuring your profile, starts on page 56 of the Vault System Administrator's Guide.

Please keep in mind that Vault is a licensed option. You will need to contact your sales representative for pricing.



Hi xrosario,

I think we need some clarification first.

Do you have standalone tape drive(s) or do you have a robotic tape library?

Do you have NetBackup Vault licensed?

Thanks for taking the time to

Thanks for taking the time to answer.  We have a Dell PV136T01.  We already have configured through policies diferents sets of backups for daily weekly and monthly.  Could you please help me on this matter.

Please answer the question regarding vault

Are you using the NetBackup vault option? 

not familiar with that PV136T

found the User Guide: http://support.dell.com/support/edocs/stor-sys/136tlto2/en/ug_tl/admn.htm#wp1088282

I like the fact that one can Excercise the Picker Axes, Moving the Picker in a Motion Pattern or Moving the Picker in Increments  -- Sounds like Eric Clapton Smiley Happy

But the question is, how do you have Netbackup set up to eject tapes?  

please answer the question regarding tape

Tapes are inserted manually?.... or how it will be inserted?.......

Really need to know if you are using vault

on the master server properties there is a media unmount delay - if this is set really large then the tapes would never unmount until they are full.

but if you are using vault - its a different story.