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Netbackup do not purge my Exchange Database Logs

Hello Poeple:

I have a issue with my current Exchange Server Policy (MS Exchange Server) The job it's running perfect but it's not purging the logs in my exchange server. How Can I activate the Purge option?

How Can i fix this issue?

Any suggestion? Thanks

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Please confirm that circular

Please confirm that circular logging is not enabled.

Please also share contents of Backup Selection for your Exchange policy.

Default behaviour: For full backups and differential incremental backups, the committed transaction logs are truncated (deleted) by Exchange after a successful backup.

See bpbkar log on Exchange client how the above is handled.

Hemanpr, If circular logging


If circular logging is not selected for the storage group and the backup is ending with status 0 create following log directory on the client

<install dir>\netbackup\logs\bpbkar

Run the backup again and open the log that is created and look for truncated, you should have line saying "Exchange Transaction Logs truncated" if the backup is successful.

It is not netbackup that will delete the log, netbackup will only send a message to exchange that the logs can be deleted and exchange will do the job. Check the application log in the event viewer for any messages regarding deleting the logs.

It is only the full and incremental backups that will truncate, if you are running cumulative backup it will not truncate the logs.

If you cannot resolve it, it might help to gracefully dismount the stores in the storage group and reboot the server and run a full backup afterwards and see what happens.

I hope this helps.


The Circular Logging it's not

The Circular Logging it's not selected, I do not have the logging folder on my server.  I create the bpbkar folder and I will post the bpbkar log on monday for see the results.


Hi     Also as recommended ,



  Also as recommended , Create a seperate policy for MS Information store and seperate policy for mailbox backup and Public Folder backup . Just in case they are in same policy

Hi Hemanpr !!   Did you get

Hi Hemanpr !!


Did you get any solution ??

Yes, I join both policies to

Yes, I join both policies to one policy. This appear to fix the issue on the Exchange Servers because I saw all the logs with the current date.

Thanks alls for help me.

Symantec Recomend this

Symantec Recomend this option. Have both instructions on the same policy.

"I join both policies to one

"I join both policies to one policy"

Please give a bit more information? Which two policies?

Are you running Exchange

Are you running Exchange Server 2007 with SP3? And are you using CCR, and trying to back up off of the passive node? If so, install Update Rollup 1 for Exchange 2007 SP3.

I had the same issue where my transaction logs werent truncated at the completion of my full backups. My scenario is described above (Exchange 2007 SP3, backing up Exchange IS on passive node of CCR cluster). NBU reported everything successful, as did the logs in the event viewer on both cluster nodes. Installing UR1 fixed the problem immediately.

Hello Marianne Microsoft

Hello Marianne

Microsoft Information Store:\*

Microsoft Exchange Public Folders:\*

Before this issue, I have those instruction on separate policies. I join both instructios to the a same policy. ATM its working (On the log files area, I just see a todays logs)

Im not running on Exchange

Im not running on Exchange Server 2007 but Im thinking on upgrade my exchange server soon. Thanks for the advise.


Re: Please confirm that circular