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Netbackup domain use Publc LAN and Backup LAN

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Hi Good Day!

I have got a design to Implement NetBackup. Seems like bit difficult for my practical experience. The NetBackup domain consist of  Normal Client, SQL DB client, SAP client and VM client (ESX). Using both public LAN and Backup LAN.

The Design saying

  1. Public LAN for control request (backup request, restore request etc..) 
  2.  Data Traffic Should be on backup LAN.( Between client and media and vice versa)


Installation took place with NetBackup host servers(Master/Media) configured with Public LAN name.


What I want to know.


  1. . if i specify media server backup LAN name  in the required interface does the following communication possible? Policy storage unit has media server public LAN + Media server host name as public LAN.  I am using Netbackup Master/Media version 7.7.X. Master/Media OS is WIN 2012 R2.


bpbrm  --> client         Traffic Public Network.

bpbrm    <-- client       Traffic  Backup Network

Client  --> bptm         Traffic on backup network.

Client   <---bptm        Traffic on backup network.


SAP and DB clients are client initiated backup/restore. Master can resolve the public LAN  of the client host not the client backup LAN(preferred interface is not specified in the client, but the associated media server specified the required interface as backup LAN) .

Please also consider this.   OS end may be any type  weak host or strong host.

Does the backup will work normal as showing in the above traffic direction.  If thsi is not possible. what we an do? My  project need to finish with out any additional investement., Really appreciate if you can help me on this.




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This will not work:

bpbrm  --> client         Traffic Public Network.

bpbrm    <-- client       Traffic  Backup Network

The same network path is used for entire process.

Also bear in mind that DB client needs to connect to bprd on the master.

The IP/hostname that is used by the client to initiate comms to the master is located in policy db and handed over to media server to backup the client.

I believe it is not possible to 'tell' NBU at this point to used different network path.

Our customers with backup network have added additional NIC on the master to accommodate backup network comms for DB clients.