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Netbackup exluding many folders form backup

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Hello Team,

Thanks in advance for all your help.

I have Netbackup server and from it we are taking file server backup.

During restoring of files, we found many files and folders are not backuped up with Netbackup. After analyzing, I found issue with NTFS permission. I have one Security groups which dont have access to that folders which I have used for backup. 

Now thing is I have many file servers and I dont have any details on which folder this group dont have permission. So looking for detailed backup report from Netbackup where files are folder are not included in backup due to permission issues. 

Please help on this.


Yogesh Makwana


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AFAIK, most backup products do not have a feature whereby you can request that pre-emptive walk of a file system be run to identify files that are going to be missed by future backups.  Instead, do what any of us would do, which is to look for status 1 backups.  These are partial backups.  Once you have the server names then you can logon to inspect the servers.

The activity monitor job log will list some of the skipped folders/files, but if the backup client doesn't even have the permission to enter the folder, then you'll never see the file names of missed files.

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It is difficult but yes only the bpbkar logs give you the complete details and reasoning

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If you are using Opscenter you can try as mentioned in the link below