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Netbackup for Oracle RAC 11.2 and virtual names

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Hi everyone.

We are trying to configure our backups with NetBackup for a 2 node Oracle Database RAC 11gR2.

Documentation about RAC configuration is very short, and I don't understand very well how to configure virtual names and how to use them in our backups policies so we can configure a single netbackup policy for all the nodes.

Our Netbackup server is in a different network than Oracle RAC Listener is listening, so the vip names registered with the listener are cannot be reachable. Do I need to create another listener in a different network in order to add the new Virtual names? It seems weird for me, since netbackup doesn't connect directly with the database (but RMAN).

Do you know any step by step guide or example to configure the virtual names?




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The NetBackup for Oracle documentation should be in:

Try backing up the filesystem first. If you can't backup the actual operating systems and the "virtual name" or cluster-name, then naturally the RMAN backup won't work either.

PD: The 7.6 release is in End of Life, you should upgrade to 8.x.