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Netbackup for Sharepoint 2007 - Restore Problem

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Dear All,

win2003 x86 - Server Point 2007
win2003 x86 - MSSQL 2005 for Sharepoint Server 2007
win2008 x64 - Netbackup 7

I can backup the whole farm successfully.

I am trying to restore it through BAR GUI, I click specify the policy as "MS-SharePoint", and I can browse the DB and Web application insdie the backup image.

However, when I click "Actions" -> "Restore", I cannot see any current progress after click "View Status"?

There is also no new progress in activity monitor in the Admin console. At last, nothing is restored.

Do anyone can give me some advices ?

Thanks all.


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We are having the same problem with no resolution, but our config is a little different:

Solaris 9 - NBU 6.5.4 Master Server
win2008 R2 - Server Point 2007 SP2 - NBU 6.5.5 client
win2003 Ent. R2 x64 - MSSQL 2005 SP3 - NBU 6.5.5 client

Can do a full backup of the farm.  Can see all content, but when click to start the restore we so no activity in the activity monitor.  If we run the same restore from the client, when we click start restore, it immediately says successful, even though it doesn't do anything.

If anyone finds a resolution please let us know.