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Netbackup images

Level 6

Netbackup master (8.1.1), linux server - NBU appliance 5230 (media server) was destination for image replication from 2 other master servers. It was doing tape copies. I checked catalog and can easily locate all tape backups, tape id etc. When I check old netbackup images in catalog which reside on puredisk[selected nbu appliance disk pool] , i see only catalog backups but not old netbackup images which should be available since 2016.

Strange part - NBU appliance is 87% full and 112TB disk in use. 

this netbackup master and media server are not in active use since 2018. But we need to keep this data for next 10 years.

how do i locate old nbu images ????????????????


Level 4

Real dumb question but what was the data retention for the images. Could they have expired?

Hi @rookie11 

Try using the bpimagelist command with options "-l -d 1/1/1970". This will display all images and copies in the catalog. See if you can find the "missing" copies or FRAG that way.

I'm wondering if when you look via the catalog you are not looking at the correct copy number for the puredisk images (though TBH these should be copy 1 (and primary) and the tape images copy 2.

Hard to say where they are all without more details. 


haha, not expired