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Netbackup issue with Active Directory backup


Am facing an issue with Active directory system state data backup over 2008, the main issue is that it  take around 8 hours to backup the required system state data which is around 13 GB, in the same time you can do this backup using Microsoft NTbackup tool with 30 Min by Max,


 i did all the bacsic troublshooting proccess :

- reinstall the agent

- install 7.1 agent 


- recreate the policy
- Disable the GRT 
- Backup to another location 
- Backup files and folder and it take no time to be backuped up 
- backup to the local machine (Basic Disk) 
all the above points gave me the same issue.
finally, the backup done to disk (SAN) and you will find attached for tlast backup it took 7 hours  .
appritiate your fast response 


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Please specify the NBU

Please specify the NBU version/Platform?

Also do you have the issue on all the ws 2008 servers or only specific servers. Please provide as much information as possible

Also please find the related articles showing the same behaviour.


the NBU Ver is 7.0.1 and the agent is 7.1 now, the issue with this server specifically.

Not supported

The cliet must run the same or lower level than the master servers. It not supported to run a higher agent version than the master server.

You might consider to patch to

Do you have DFSR enabled on this server (guess not)  ?

What is the file list - ALL_LOCAL_DRIVES  or Shadow Copy Components:\  ?


actually the issue stated with the 7.0.1 agent so i tried to go through the 7.1 agent for test but am facing the same issue till now, hence i will return back to the old one.

for the upgrade i will not able to go through the upgrade now maybe later but at least i want to solve the issue which i think it appeared after the windows update "find the update attached"

for the DFSR its disabled.

for the select, it just System state data .

try shadow copy components:\

The "right" definition for 2008 is Shadow Copy Components:\

I do not think i makes a diffrence but try it out.