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Netbackup licencing

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dear all,

i've read a interessant topic abour Netbackup licencing, i would have want to reply to ask my question but it was to old (more than 6 mounth).
So i start a new topic about that to have more information and advice.

I've Netbackup 6.5.6, and i look for nbu7.

what kind of licences should we have in the following case:
- an ESX with 10 VM linux, 12VM windows running Oracle database (5):
     should i buy: - 1 entreprise licence for the esx
                          - 10 standart client licences
                          - 12 win client licences
                          - 5 oracle client liences
or could it be less (like just the entreprise and the 5 oracle licences)?

- if i have a P-serie whith 20 logicals servers whose 3 have an direct SAN attache whose 1 run Oracle database:
    should i buy: - 1 entreprise licence for the pserie (is it possible?)
                          - 20 standart client licences
                          - 3 SAN client licences
                          - 1 oracle client liences
or could it be less (like only the entreprise licence and 3 san client licence)?

- if i have a VTL (virtual tape librairie) how works licencing? one licence per virtual tape?

And what could change with netbackup7 about licensing?

if you could say me the roots of your anwsers...

thanks, for your help. sorry for mistakes.

Best regards,


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Best to speak to your local Symantec reseller - they will be in the best position to assess your requirements and make recommendations.

To find a reseller, go to

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On Our Company we buy a "volume-licence", this include all wat you need.
If you don`t have the VTL in your Backup it is better to use a disk-storage system. A disk storage is more flexibel as a VTL and yu have more options wit NBU7. 

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ok, thanks a lot.

i've some questions : how do you define your volume licence? and what is include in?

do you say: i have 3ESX with 10 linux, 20 windows; 2Pserie with 20 AIX, and 5 other physique server on linux
and in this i have 5oracle DB server 5 MSSQL server, 2 media server 1 master, 2NDMP server, 5 LTO, one SL8500 robotic.
and they give you all for a define price without take care of what is really in: u ask 5 oracle client and u haven't to pay more?

or is it on the amounth of data backing each day/week/mounth/year? and if it's the case how it's work and is it really cheapper than take several licence?

where could i see the detail of this "volume licence".

For the VTL (not buy yet) we need to export some tape for PRA reasons.

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Best to speak to your local Symantec reseller - they will be in the best position to assess your requirements and make recommendations.

To find a reseller, go to

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Side note, an ESX/vSphere host if you are trying to take advantage of VCB or vStorage

Only needs a single Enterprise client (per physical host) licensed, all guest OS's are covered.
You would then add on a DB/App pack per physical host too if there is a database you want to protect that is virtualized.
If you vmotion hosts around, and that database can move too, then you'll need a DB/App pack for all of those hosts that participate in the moving of VM's.

Main thing to note is that a single Enterprise Client license, licensed per physical host, covers an unlimited number of guests OS's.  This simplify's licensing dramatically, and in many cases lowers licensing costs the more you virtualize.

Your VTL is based on a capacity based license.  How much data are you backing up to the VTL?  That is what gets licensed for "Enterprise Disk."

Ultimately, when you decide to purchase, you need to contact an authorized reseller of NetBackup to help you quote it out.  They will get into some other specifics that need to be detailed to license appropriately.  

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thanks a lot teiva-boy,

just two question yet:

- if i have an ESX and i want a fast file restoration plus an machine restoration (.vmdk) should the single Entreprise client with VCB suffice, or should i have the Client Entreprise in the ESX plus some standart client or windows client in each virtual machine?
that i don't understand it basic client like are OS spécific (i believe so):
   + standards clients are for UNIX client
   + MS- windows NT clients are for windows clients
   and Entreprise Client seems don't taking care about the OS....   :\

- my other question concern tapes:
actualy i pay some tapes licences to veritas symantec:
   + one for each tape,
   + one for each tape i want to share
if i take a capacity based licence, with a VTL (or not), what will become these tape licence?


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as far as esx is concerned, as far as i was aware (and this is what Symantec told us we needed to buy), if you have windows and linux o/s's on your esx server, then you will need 1 enterprise client licence for each.
We run multiple esx servers, so we limit each esx server to a single o/s type, so we only need to buy 1 enterprise client licence now per esx server