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Netbackup licenses - capacity

we're trying to confirm the amount in TB we should be licensed for under capacity model , we ran the nbdeployutil  but there are several amounts there , which one should be the number to be licensed then


Flagged Capacity Figures (TB)

Master Server

Confirmed (TB)




Capacity by Policy Type 
Policy Type

Total (TB)



Capacity Totals (TB)Platform Base (TB)
Master ServerCalculatedCharged
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Re: Netbackup licenses - capacity

Hi Joe,

You should look at "Charged" column under Capacity Totals section. That is the FETB capacity the the utility has calculated as per the information available.

Also, could you please let me know the version of NetBackup you are running in your environment? Both MS & Clients.



Re: Netbackup licenses - capacity

Thanks, its 8.0

Re: Netbackup licenses - capacity

Thank Joe.

Sorry forgot to ask/mention below point.

Have you applied the EEB mentioned in the support document link below?

If not, I'd recommend installing it on the master server only, and run nbdeployutil again.

Note: It might take significant amount of time to run the utility after installing this EEB. Please read the document link above for more details.



Re: Netbackup licenses - capacity

You should also check for double counting etc. and adjust “Charged Size” amounts accordingly in the “Itemisation” tab as described in the “Interpreting the Results” tab. This is also covered in Admin Guide 2.