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Netbackup licensing overview

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Dear Netbackup gurus!

Please advise me on how to find out which license is used by a given client. For instance, there is a hypervisor host/client, and I want to know the license name that this host uses, e.g., HypervisorA uses NetBackup Enterprise Client license. Where to find this piece of information?

I have searched in the NetBackup Java Console as well as in the NetBackup Web UI without success. Unfortunately, even the nbdeployutil license report command does not provide information about specific licensing types, such as NetBackup Enterprise Client license etc.

Any input will be much appreciated.



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@JimmyB2  what kind of information do you need about license? If you open java console of Netbackup go to Help/License Keys you are able to see tab Features, thats all kind of type backup you can do.

Usually as far as I know Veritas don't segregate license for Sybase and one packet of license for Postgresql for example.

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Thanks to @admin_bkp007 and @quebek. I really appreciate your willinges to help.

Indeed, in order to review and summarize your licensing (needs), you have to list your hosts/clients and work with Netbackup Lincensing guide as well. For instance, you will take one client e.g. HyperV host and in Netbackup Lincensing Guide you can see that for one HyperV host you need to use one Netbackup Enterprise Client license and so on

The whole licensing table could look like:

License NameNumber of licensesClients/Hosts
Netbackup Enterprise Client1Client A
Netbackup Standard Client1Client B
Netbackup Application and Database Pack1Client C
Netbackup Enterprise Server1Master server A
Library Based Tape Drives1TapeLibrary A
NetBackup Data Protection Optimization for the whole environment