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Netbackup master decommission and restore from tape

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We have Netbackup master server running 7.0 and backups are taken to tape, we are in the process of decomm, but looking for options to restore the tape data from alternate master server that is running Netbackup 8.1. The possible options I think are:

1) Take all tapes from primary Netbackup server to target master and import them to rebuild index.

2) Build standby master server with full/partial catalog restore from source master server.

Is there any other option to transfer the entire catalog/image db to alrternate master server? Please suggest.



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1) This seems to be your best option.

2) You can only restore catalog to same hostname and same NBU version.

Catalog merge is an option - it is done by trained and certified consultants using catman tools.
It obviously comes at a cost....

If you can upgrade the 7.0 server to 7.5, it will migrate the image headers into EMM. 
Once this is done, you should be able to perform 'Recovery without Import' using partial catalog recovery. See

Another option is to leave the 7.0 master in place to do restores with short retentions. Tapes with very long retentions can be imported on new master.