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Netbackup not restoring file of zero bytes in size

Level 4
Has any body else noticed that Netbackup does not restore files that a zero bytes in size.
The file I'm restoring in /etc/dfs/sharetab.
I can see it in the BAR GUI, but if I'm restoring the whole of the /etc directory it does not get restored, but if I select the individual file for restore it works.
Anyone know why this is.


Level 6
NetBackup should not skip a file restore simply because of it's size is zero - what's your NetBackup version? (but I don't think there is any bug in NetBackup since version 4.x days that is failing to restore zero-byte files...)

I wonder if the file was somehow deleted right after the restore?

sharetab will list all the volumes currently being shared, and I think it's related to NFS which might be dynamically updating the file.

Try touching another file in the same /etc/dfs directory, and then run backup and restore, also try restoring /etc/dfs directory and see if it's getting restored or not.

If you want to check out debug log, /usr/openv/netbackup/logs/tar will show the restore progress.


Level 6
Depending on the Solaris version you are running, /etc/dfs/sharetab may be a regular file or it may be a separate filesystem. 

It's possible that may be affecting what you see.