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Netbackup policies backup on a 5240 appliance

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Hi Folks,

I am setting up a new Netbackup environment consisting only of Netbackup 5240 appliances where each appliance is its own master server in its own domain (We previously had Netbackup 5220 appliances acting as media servers and storage but with a Windows master).

I used to back up the Netbackup policies via a Windows policy backing up the Netbackup\db\class folder as instructed by a Symantec consultant, as it was at the time.

I have tried to setup a similar mechanism on a 5240 appliance (I have tried both  /usr/opnev/netbackup/db/class and /cat/db/class) but I can't see anything to restore in the BAR interface despite the backup job reporting as successful.

I can see the dedupe catalog backups in the BAR interface and I tried to add the above paths to the backup selections of that policy but that didn't work either, I only see the selections that were in the policy by default.

I am aware that the policies are backed up with the catalog but I could really do with being able to restore deleted\modified policies from an hourly schedule rather than restoring the whole catalog from the previous night.

Any suggestions?

Many Thanks, Ade


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You can restore a single policy from full catalog backup.

Use BAR GUI and select both the Source and Destination Client as the Master Server.
Select Policy Type for restores as 'NBU-Catalog'.
Browse the catalog folders like a normal file-level backup to locate the policy you want to restore.

You may need to restart NBU to pick up the restored policy.

Hi Marianne,

That's great I didn't know that so thanks for that.

However, I am wanting to backup the policies on an hourly basis without backing up the catalog. Is that possible even if not via the means I have described testing?


Many Thanks, Ade

Apologies, I may not have read into what you said correctly.

Can I achieve what I require by doing a differential incremental catalog backup on an hourly basis and restore a single policy from an incremental?

Many Thanks, Ade

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Backing up the class folder with a Standard policy type should work.

Important that you specify the absolute path to the folder as symbolic links are not followed in Standard policy type.

I do not have access to an Appliance do confirm actual path.

Hourly backup of policy folder really seems like an overkill to me - nobody should be making that many changes without proper change control.

You should be able to restore policy from an hourly Diff Catalog backup.

OK thanks. Unfortunately I can't get the Standard policy type backup to work even when specifying /cat/db/class (the way containing no symbolic links). The jobs are successful and show roughly the correct amount of data being transferred but there is nothing in BAR interface when selecting those images for restore.

I take your point about it being overkill and may review this but I'd still like clarification if someone with access to an appliance can confirm whether or not they are able to do what I am trying to do, if possible.

Many Thanks

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I've never tried backing up that specific path, but I have backed up other file system paths on an appliance with the standard policy type, and I've never run into an issue with it.  I don't have access to an appliance at the moment to check that path, but I'll see if I can get access to one.

Have you tried backing up another path just to make sure the client is actually behaving properly?

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Yes I can successfully backup other folders on the appliance. It is a 5240 running version 3.0 for reference.