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Netbackup reinstalling in VCS infoscale cluster setup

Level 3
Hi folks,
I have 3 node in VCS infoscale cluster in dc 2 node and dr 1 node on top of that netbackup 8.1.2 installed.
In dr node netbackup db and global folder most of the files get missed due to this we unable to failover cluster to Dr node. As per tec support team suggested to reinstall the netbackup in dr node.
What is the procedure to reinstall netbackup on Dr node and how to rejoin the cluster.

Level 6

@Lucky_Reddy  is this GCO VVR enabled Master Server ?


Yes it is GCO set-up

We have freeze nbu group and pause the replication in dc setup
Before reinstalling we have deleted nbu resources and nbu group at dr site.
We are unable to bring nbu_ip and nbu_mount resources while reinstalling in Veritas Netbackup in dr set-up