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Netbackup restore failed - Restore error (2850)

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Hi Pros,

Good Day.

We are trying to restore our SQL Batch file then the error occured. Please see detailed status below:


05/29/2018 19:49:48 - begin Restore
05/29/2018 19:49:50 - number of images required: 1
05/29/2018 19:49:50 - media needed: VCH051
05/29/2018 19:49:50 - media needed: VCH052
05/29/2018 19:49:52 - restoring from image v17ho-pvchist_1527359414
05/29/2018 19:49:52 - Info bpbrm (pid=10768) v17ho-pvchist is the host to restore to
05/29/2018 19:49:52 - Info bpbrm (pid=10768) telling media manager to start restore on client
05/29/2018 19:49:53 - Info bpbrm (pid=8244) v17ho-pvchist is the host to restore to
05/29/2018 19:49:54 - Info bpbrm (pid=8244) listening for client connection
05/29/2018 19:49:54 - Info bpbrm (pid=8244) accepted connection from client
05/29/2018 19:49:54 - Info dbclient (pid=9240) Restore started.
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - Info bptm (pid=9356) Waiting for mount of media id VCH051 (copy 1) on server v17ho-pvchist.
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - started process bptm (pid=9356)
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - mounting VCH051
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - Info bptm (pid=9356) INF - Waiting for mount of media id VCH051 on server v17ho-pvchist for reading.
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - requesting resource VCH051
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - granted resource  VCH051
05/29/2018 19:49:55 - granted resource  IBM.ULTRIUM-TD4.142
05/29/2018 19:50:18 - mounted VCH051; mount time: 0:00:23
05/29/2018 19:50:18 - Info bptm (pid=9356) VCH051
05/29/2018 19:50:18 - Info bptm (pid=9356) INF - Waiting for positioning of media id VCH051 on server v17ho-pvchist for reading.
05/29/2018 19:50:18 - positioning VCH051 to file 3
05/29/2018 19:50:19 - positioned VCH051; position time: 0:00:01
05/29/2018 19:50:19 - begin reading
05/29/2018 19:55:24 - Info bpbrm (pid=10768) child done, status 41
05/29/2018 19:55:24 - Info bpbrm (pid=10768) sending message to media manager: STOP RESTORE v17ho-pvchist_1527359414
05/29/2018 19:56:40 - Info bpbrm (pid=10768) media manager for backup id v17ho-pvchist_1527359414 exited with status 150: termination requested by administrator
05/29/2018 19:56:40 - restored from image v17ho-pvchist_1527359414; restore time: 0:06:48
05/29/2018 19:56:41 - end Restore; elapsed time 0:06:53
Restore error  (2850)


NetBackup Version is 7.7.3


Thanks and Regards,



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Seems the real error is status 41:

Info bpbrm (pid=10768) child done, status 41

The default Client Read Timeout (on the media server) of 5 minutes (300 sec) is hardly ever sufficient for restores.

If a large database is restored, NBU timeout needs to be increased to give SQL sufficient time to create and prep the database before it will accept data from NBU. 

All of this is described in NBU 7.7 for SQL manual:

About minimizing timeout failures on large SQL Server database restores
A large SQL Server restore may fail with a Client Read Timeout error before any
data has been read from the NetBackup media. This error occurs because the SQL
Server may need to pre-write the database files before the restore operation begins.
The time that is required for this process is a function of certain factors: the size of
the database files and the speed at which your host machine can write to disk. For
example, consider that your system can perform disk writes at the rate of 60
megabytes per second and you have a 2.4 terabyte database. Then it takes at least 
12 hours for SQL Server to prep the disk before the actual restore can begin. In
reality, the delay may be even longer than what you calculate by as much as 20%
to 40%.
The timeout problem can be resolved by increasing the NetBackup Client Read
Timeout setting. Use the NetBackup Administration Console on the server to change
the properties of each client that contains a database you may need to restore. The
default for the Client Read Timeout setting is 300 seconds (5 minutes). If you have
any clients which contain large SQL Server databases, you may need to set this
value much higher.
You can eliminate file initialization during SQL Server restores. See the following
See “About NetBackup for SQL performance factors” on page 61.


Hi Marianne,

Will try your suggestion. We keep you posted when we got result. On the other hand, I got some question.

" Do I need to create a Restriction File for the MS-Client Server?"

Since i executed the move restore from a batch-script.

Thank you very much!

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You only need No.Restrictions on the master if you restore to a different client.
(All explained in NBU for SQL Admin Guide.)

I see Marianne. Thanks for inputs. On ther other hand,

" Is it considered Alternate Restore Method if the DB restored is from DISK A going to DISK B on the same system unit? "



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Redirected restore with altnames files on the master is for restore to a different host.
e.g. backup done on HostA, restore to HostB.

Restore to different drive/path is using a 'move' script.

Please download the NetBackup for Microsoft SQL Server Administrator's Guide  for full details.