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Netbackup shadow copy components directive in 7.5 and 7.6

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in the release notes for netbackup 7.6 ( it says the following:


After the NetBackup 7.5 release, the only item under Shadow Copy Components that remains is User Data. All other items have been moved to the System State node. If you have any other specific directives for Shadow copy components in our policies, Symantec recommends that you remove those directives and use System State for backing up these components. An example is, Shadow copy components:\System Service


was this change made between 7.1 and 7.5 or 7.5 and 7.6? as it's very unclear to what version of netbackup it is referring to. 


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Also the Administrator guides for 7.5 and 7.6 do not seem to mention this limitation/change.

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Seems the change was made in 7.6.

NBU 7.5 Admin Guide I still says the following on p. 658:

Shadow Copy Components:\ directive


Since the Shadow Copy Components contain System State information, the Shadow
Copy Components need to be backed up by a full backup.
The Volume Shadow Copy components include the following:
System State writers:
■ System files
■ COM+ Class Registration Database
■ Active Directory
■ Cluster quorum
■ Certificate Services
■ Registry
■ Internet Information Services
System Service writers:
■ Removable Storage Manager
■ Event logs
■ Windows Internet Name Service
■ Windows Management Instrumentation
■ Remote Storage
■ Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
■ Terminal Server Licensing
■ Background Intelligent Transfer Service
User Data:
Items that the computer does not require to operate. For example,
Active Directory Application Mode and Microsoft Distributed File
System Replication (DSFR) folders.
See “About Microsoft DSFR backups” on page 521.
A category that is intended for future NetBackup releases.


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It still says exactly the same in the 7.6 admin guide.


so really confused.

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That is really confusing!!!  

I have a similar issue with supported NDMP devices where HCL was updated but rest of documentaion not....

Plus it seems that we have nowhere to query these discrepancies in the manuals.

I guess the only way is to test with NBU 7.5 and with 7.6. 
Create policy with System State - check what is backed up, then test with Shadow Copy Components.