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Netbackup support for VMware vCSA

We need to take back of VMware vCSA (vCenter server appliance) which is linux based appliance running on VMware developed OS (photon 1.0).

Just need to know whether this will be supported by netbackup 8.0 or not

(*** Subject updated by MV ***)
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Re: Netbackup


when you review NetBackup for Virtual Environments doc (easily googable), there is a note:

"NetBackup for VMware supports backup and recovery of the entire virtual machine for all guest operating systems that are supported by VMware."
As for file-level backups and restores, you must review the same document if your file system is supported.
Please give more descriptive subjects to posts, "NetBackup" is not really very specific in "NetBackup" forum :)

Re: Netbackup

NBU compatibility guide specifies support for VMware/vSphere versions, not the hardware that it runs on.
The VMs are getting backed up, not the hypervisor.

Please see Virtual Systems Compatibility section in the OS SCL: