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Netbackup support question

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Does anyone else here have problems actually speaking with a support technician?  I've had bad issues now with two separate problems.  I submitted a case online yesterday, marking it Critical, and have yet to hear from anyone, in e-mail or phone.  My last case, I called in, got it classified, etc., and ended up having to call back the next day, because I had had no response.


Very poor if you ask me.


Level 6

some third parties are better then actual Symantec support, Symantec has LOTS of calls, some third parties have fewer and can get back to you faster.

Level 6

Symantec Support has it's ups and downs throughout the year.  Most of their downs are right after a major update to a package, like NBU 7.1 for example...  Their call lines are hammered with support issues regarding upgrades.  This is no different in their other business units like Backup Exec, Endpoint Protection, etc.


I've had a lot of customers like and prefer 3rd party support from a local reseller, as they are generally more responsive to calls and tickets.  Of course, this adds additional cost to your support price.  

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Have a look at Ed's suggestion in this post:

Level 3

I have noticed it has been particularly bad since last November. I have called in three times and each time it's been two-three days before I get an engineer to contact me and that's after talking to one or more duty managers. I have an open case now where I finally got an engineer to call me after two days on a severity 2 issue. This guy was so technically inept that I asked for a different engineer. After one converstation with the second guy, I have not heard from him in a week. I left a message for a duty manager who had given me his number. I was given an apology and a promise of callback within the hour. That was two and a half hours ago and still no call.

Level 6

2-3 days. Youre lucky, we're talking weeks now...shameful.Can I have my money back?

Level 5

I opened a case on the 1st June and I am still waiting for technical support to actually identify what the problem is. The technicians ask for the same logs over and over again and communication is only via email. Response times are awful and I'm not even sure the technicians have the correct skills to resolve any issues.


Rant over

Level 2

After updating from 6.5 to 7.1 Netbackup the Oracle script and batch files in the c:\program files\veritas\netbackup\bin directory (bpend_notify script as well as the start/stop batch files) were removed. Is there a place where I can download for Netbackup 7.1 use?

Thank You