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Re: Netbackup upgrade and migration to VM

can you see the command start with

start ....

so what you need to do is to open cmd prompt as admin and type in there start and repeat the same command by enclose it with quotation marks, ie 

start "path the setup.exe\setup.exe /server" and that's all... ie


Re: Netbackup upgrade and migration to VM

Of course you've read the release notes. But have you also read the EEB guide. Hint: it is not a document describing how to install an EEB... what it is... is... a list of EEBs that have been included in to a release... but also... more importantly... it also lists cases / causes / situations where an EEB will *not* be issued and instead customers are expected to enact work-arounds. IMO - reading the EEB guide is a pre-requisite before upgrading. HTH.

Re: Netbackup upgrade and migration to VM


So much documentation, everytime someone replies, I get a link to anew document!!! 

I'm clearly coming across as incompetent, but I'm not!  There's so many notes and guides and warnings that it's making me nervous about doing the upgrade when it's probably going to be straightforward!

I thank you all for your assistance, it has been a great help! I think I was just expecting this to be a little more straightforward than it has turned out.

I'm going to attempt this one more time and if it fails, I will call support.

Thanks everyone

Re: Netbackup upgrade and migration to VM

8.1.2 has a new client update method: vxupdate.

vxupdate_nbclient_8.1.2_windows_x64.sja VXUPDATE FOR X64 WINDOWS

You will find a vxupdate file for each supported client OS. 

Extracts from 8.1.2 Upgrade Guide:

Re: Netbackup upgrade and migration to VM

@IBSus - not incompetent - in fact , the very opposite... you are doing it well... because you are planning properly... because you care. NetBackup is a big product. It's just part of the learning curve of handling enterprise scale backups. What I do, is... each upgrade, I read it all just as you do, but I read in the vain of the environment being upgraded, and select out each part/note/statement that is going to, or might, cause hassle... and capture that all in the relevant section of a work plan / change doc that is pertinent to just the environment being upgraded. There is simply way too much to the whole product to be able to remember it all. So, the only way to work it is the way you are working it. Even if I'm doing another upgrade from same version to same version but at another site, I do it all again... because every environment is different. Remember, "backups" are usually one of the few apps that reach in to everything... and does something for everyone. At many sites, and in many ways, backup is the most complicated inter-op application at any site... think about it... it's wide than AD, it's wider than DNS, it's wider than monitoring, and you have the "time" aspect (retention) and "capacity" to deal with.

Re: Netbackup upgrade and migration to VM

network admins -> worry about LAN throughput . storage admins -> worry about SAN throughput and SAN capacity . backup admins -> worry about LAN+SAN throughput and SAN capacity and retention of multiple-copies . who's job is more complicated ?