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Netbackup upgrade

Level 1

I am trying to upgrade a server from to 10.3

After running the prechecks with the installer I get an error message:

Can't read file C:\Program files\Veritas\db\Data\vxdbms.conf at C:\Users\**\AppData\Local\Temp\**file name that does not exist**"

Our vxdmbs file is located at C:\Program files\Veritas\NetBackup\NetBackupDB\Data

How do I fix where the installer is looking for the file. I have already looked at the file and it has the right file path. 


Level 5

Netbackup has changed its rational DB (I think to sybase) from 10.2 and follow below steps please:
go to below link and run the tool on your master server:
in the above article there is an EEB which I recommend you to install as well.
Confirm the report is fine for your upgrade.
you can find out more about the upgrade process and steps in below guide