Netbackup value and planning

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Sorry if I send the message to improper place, but I did not find better.
This converstaion is going to be a bit deep but I try to summ up. I am in front of change and planning our outdated backup solution. Presently we have NB 7.5 master servers (2) in windows 2008 they are on our outdated HP servers with EMC vnx dedupe storage. The deduped data is around 8-10TB so this looks not a big ammount also some more on tape.
Backups mostly from vmware and some oracle rman backups with couple physical server backups.(with one drs site)
Presently we are on the planning phase. Costs and investment budget are low Smiley Sad. Our netbackup licence is still purchased for this year.
I still a bit clueless. As for the on premis netbackup appliance looks the best solution but very expensive.
Other idea was data domain with NB but that is not really good because it also needs to buy new servers for master, plus it also needs NB licences yearly for continuity. In that case we should rather move to a less expensive simple backup solution  other storage solution. Besides if we move to a different backup solution nb msdp should be migrated to the new enviroment. I am also not sure how complicated it should be or that is possible at all to migrate all the data. So many question and still not know where to move.

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Re: Netbackup value and planning


some points to consider:

- when you have VMware env, consider to convert to Enterprise Virtual Client license, covering unlimited number of VMs and databases on hosts up to 100 CPU's, with deduplication included

- consider traditional Media/Master Server with sufficient internal storage, when NBU Appliance is too expensive for you. Dedup capacity 8-10 TB is not so much

- yes backup images migration is a headache for everybody who wants to migrate to another backup system. AFAIK there is no tool for it. When your retentions are short, you can run both systems parallelly and wait for data expiration on old system. When your retentions are long (months and more), you must "migrate" your backups by many and many restores and rebackups




Re: Netbackup value and planning

Retenction of esixting bakcup images plays a Major role, shorter retenctions( the days that you can effort to wait & let them expire instead of migrating) will give greater felxblity and less complexity which looking for solution.

you can also have Master server in a very virtual machine with very good configurations & talk to veritas sales team with your needs and looks for options. there will be few options in licensing where you can mix and match to reducing the pricing based on your needs.

Re: Netbackup value and planning


It seems to me that your biggest problem with NetBackup is the annual maintenance cost, right? 
And because of that, you actually want to consider another backup product?

" .....  plus it also needs NB licences yearly for continuity. In that case we should rather move to a less expensive simple backup solution  other storage solution.

I see you have products in your environment from vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, VMware, etc...
Don't you pay them annual maintenance or subscription?
Which backup product are you considering that does not have annual maintenance or subscription?

When you say NetBackup Appliances are expensive, have you compared the cost of a server plus a DD plus all the admin and seperate license/subscription fees with the cost of an Appliance?

Please reach out to your local reseller to discuss your backup and licensing needs and work out a cost-effective NetBackup solution for you.