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Netbackups are running very slow.

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I've configured solaris 10 machine as netback master server running version and having 1GB NIC and I've unix clients with backup client installed with same NIC speed. My concern is when I initiate the backups they are running very slow @ 7kb/sec and taking 12hrs to backup 300GB of data. Much appriated for the quick response.


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Can you post the details of the job? Are you seeing any errors or warnings or is it finishing with status 0? You might want to enable the bpbrm & bptm logs refer to

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Let's see the bpbkar log (from the client) and the bptm log (from the media server) that will give us a clue.

I bet the issue is the network!

Also how many files are you backing up, lots of small files will be a problem on a standard backup and flashbackup would be more preferable in this situation.


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I bet the issue is network as well ... or buffer tuning ...

Could also be useful to see the details of a sklow job from activity monitor that has completed successfully.



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Is the master a media server too? are the clients using a dedicated NIC for backups or everything is going through production NIC's?

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Step 1:
Determine client's ability to generate data stream. Do bpbkar test on client.
See NetBackup™ 7.0 - 7.1 Backup Planning and Performance Tuning Guide  http:// for details.

Step 2:
Determine network speed.
Find a file in step 1 filesystem that is at least 1Gb and ftp to master/media server.

Only if above steps give you good performance look at buffer tuning on master/media server. Details in performance tuning guide.

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Got tape drives ?(I cant tell) , if so have you tuned the drive blocking params: makes a huge difference.

What is the data profile? Millions of small files vs 3 huge ones. The latter will be much more rapid.

Run a local test ie master server as the client as well as the master/media: this way you remove the network from the picture. 

You can even run synthetic backups where the data are generated by netbackup internally on the client, that removes the clients disk from the picture.