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Network connection broken (40)

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Hi all,

Backup session sometimes ends with Network connection broken (40) error

The parameter was applied: MAX_ENTRIES_PER_ADD (25000). The problem was not solved

The problem has begun to manifest itself significantly in the last 2 weeks.Netbackup Configurations not changed

How can you solve this problem, or significantly reduce its manifestation?

Logs in attachment 



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Couple of things to consider in order to isolate this issue. 1st how big are the data you are trying to backup? are there any other task been done on the server during backup window or while backup is running? is backup failing for entire drives or filesystems or affecting a specific drive/filesystem?

Backups can often run concurrently
The error can occur when executing various types of policies: windows, oracle, vmware. The amount of data is different. There is no pattern
Veritas explains this issue: But the error rate has increased in the last 2 weeks. I admit that delays, timeouts in the work of the master server can indirectly affect the appearance of the error


Has anything changed in your network path for this client backup?

Fire Wall changes recently? Network bandwidth bottleneck due to heavier data loads from multiple hosts? There's several things to check/research on this issue. If you've checked your timeout settings and they appear to be long enough for things like client read timeout and etc....then I'd start looking at the network path(s) to/from the client host.


I had a convenient opportunity to analyze the error. Media server and client are on the same network.  Small data backup failed with error 40.  In this case, as well as in similar cases, the media server terminates the connection with the master server.



07:19:02.022 [11748.1432] <2> daemon_proxy_proto: Preparing to do daemon protocol for (ip_address_master:1556 <- ip_address_media10:63939)

07:19:02.038 [11748.1432] <16> vnet_proxy_handoff_receive: WSASocket() failed: 10107

07:19:02.038 [11748.1432] <16> vnet_proxy_protocol_from_legacy: vnet_proxy_handoff_receive() failed: 9

07:19:02.038 [11748.1432] <16> vnet_proxy_socket_swap: vnet_proxy_protocol_from_legacy() failed: 9

07:19:02.038 [11748.1432] <16> daemon_proxy_proto: vnet_proxy_socket_swap() failed: vnet status 9, nb status 23

07:19:02.038 [11748.1432] <16> process_request: Secure proxy protocol failed



07:19:02.032 [6304.2176] <2> ts_put_length_string_optimized: put n bytes failed: An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine.  (10053)

07:19:02.032 [6304.2176] <2> db_senddata: ts_put_string_handle(): connection dropped or not connected, An established connection was aborted by the software in your host machine. , (10053)

07:19:02.032 [6304.2176] <2> db_startrequest: db_sendrequest() failed: network connection broken

07:19:02.032 [6304.2176] <16> db_begin: db_startrequest() failed: network connection broken

07:19:02.032 [6304.2176] <2> db_FLISTsend: db_begin() failed: network connection broken

07:19:02.048 [6304.2176] <16> non_mpx_backup_archive_verify_import: db_FLISTsend failed: network connection broken (40)

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What version do you use? Veritas has TechNote and mentions EEBs for the issue,

Version 8.1.1 is used

Thanks for the link. We have tried to follow these guidelines

EEB was not used.