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New Media Server Failing to backup System State

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I just stood up a new media server and the system state and shadow copy components are failing to backup on it.  They are failing with a status code 63.  The backup of the local disk drives is functioning correctly.

Any ideas??

I could really use some advice, this is the first media server I have stood up, google has been my best friend with this.


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More info, please:
NBU version
O/S version on new media server
Check if VSP or VSS is used for snapshot. If you have not explicitly specified the client name and a method on Master server Host Properties -> Client Attributes, then the default is VSP. For W2003 and W2008 you should use VSS.

Have you tried to use Windows backup to backup Shadow Copy Components to disk? I have seen that when NBU cannot back it up, it fails most of the time using Windows backup as well. This will indicate a problem at O/S level.

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Never encountered it before. From the troubleshooter:

A kill signal was sent to the client process.

Try the following:
The usual cause for this error is that someone intentionally terminated a backup.

Which is hardly helpful!

And there's not a great deal here either:

This Technote contains a table for NetBackup's Status Codes

Anyway, as far as the SS/SCC aspects of the save are concerned, I would follow Mariannes advice: check whether you have VSS specified or not (I presume this is a 2003/2008 server as you mention Shadow Copy Components) & try to run a Shadow Copy on the Windows client.

Maybe also try:
vssadmin list writers on the client O/S & check for errors/faults in the writers?
Check for errors in Event Viewer?