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New Symantec Desktop & Laptop. NEW?!!

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Version 7 is just a value.
I've recently had the chance to test the "new" Symantec Desktop and Laptop, formerly the well known product named D&L...Option. Really there's nothing new and the product is only available as separate software and it has mantained the same old graphic style (since 2004 when it was linked to NBU 5.x). After all when it was linked as option to BE something new in aspect of icons and menus was changed!
Now the engine/console is available for Windows 64bit paltform too but I've measured no improvements in 64bit services versus the traditional 32 bit ones. After all the database repository of D&L is the same: on a SQL Express instance locally setup together with the server/console or on an external SQL 2005/2008. Some improvement has been made on PST backup with a real "delta" incremental transfer of only the changed part of the PST but this requires the presence of the local desktop area of the DLO backed up files. Do not forget that this product can "ideologically" conflict with Enterprise Vault that would remove the PST (or NSF too) from desktop at all ;)
Technologically there's nothing new...again! The "engine" is the same version 3 of the formerly NBU 6.x/BE 2010 option and the things it can do are basically the same. After all nothing is changed on the users' desktop to justify new features and locally saved data (including PST) are the same! Same policies, some user profiling and so on.
Simple question: I can understand the installation of LiveUpdate software in the console server but why the setup push LiveUpdate on the client too?  This can cause issues.
Some really negative note: 
. browsing of PC is always done using Netbios (no W7 client detected)
. DLO agent on client is always started using the Programs/Startup folder and not a service linked on registry of the current user
.I've got several issue pushing the agent on client with several errors (the vxpush is the same old one...) while when pushed using the BE2010 console there were no issues forcing me to manually install or to use a GPO
.the error code are the same old one V-xxx-yyyy from Veritas paleolithic era ;) and, worst, most of the Internet link to the current support site are broken with no result!!!
.automatic user assignment using AD or LDAP does not work on 64bit version!

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Now for backing up desktops and laptops, we (Partners/Resellers) no nedd to ask the customer to but Backup Exec or NetBackUp. It is simply Symantec DLO now.....

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Absolutely. wink

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I have never use this feature and now I understand why a corp level we just dont use it.