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No communication between Library and filer.

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Hi All,


We have one tape library with 2 tape drives connected with Filer using FCO card.

Library is pingable, FCO card is pingable.

Tpautoconf -verify filername 

tpautoconf -verify filername
Connecting to host "" as user ""...
Waiting for connect notification message...
Opening session--attempting with NDMP protocol version 4...
Opening session--successful with NDMP protocol version 4
  host supports MD5 authentication
Getting MD5 challenge from host...
Logging in using MD5 method...
Host info is:
  host name ""
  os type "NetApp"
  os version "NetApp Release 7.3.7"
  host id "0135065004"
Login was successful
Host supports LOCAL backup/restore
Host supports 3-way backup/restore
Opening SCSI device "mc0"...
: host "" robot "mc0" failed
: one or more robot inquiries failed
NDMP failed to verify host

tpautoconf -probe  filername : does not give any details.

filername> sysconfig -t
 No tape drives present on system.
filername> sysconfig -m
 No medium changers present on system.


drives are down which are connected to filer


What can be the issue




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Most likely something between the filer and the library, Cards/ Cables etc ...

First thing, I would powercycle everything, then if no go, you're probably looking at a hardware issue


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Library is pingable and FCO card too. From filer and Master server too.

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How are the drive attached to the filer


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How do you ping the FC card???

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The drives are probably connected via a SAN ? - I doubt they are SCSI connected.

This is not related to 'ping' - I am sure your 'LAN' network connectivity is fine.  You don't have a NetBackup issue you have a filer/ tape drive issue.

The filer is not seeing the drives over the SAN - HBA issue, zoning issue, faulty switch, GBIC issue ...  Does the filer have a command that lets you look 'straight' down the SAN, so a bit like ioscan an in HP / Windows device manager / cfgadm command on Solais etc ...

(OK, these Don;t unite look straight down the SAN but it's the closest you'll get as there won't be any utility for the HBA like there are for servers, eh HBAnywhere/ Sansurfer.